Working with a Bad Manager might be way better than you think!

Exposure to Management Styles

Generally when individuals are happy or satisfied at job, they tend to attribute this to various factors like flexible work hours, creative job, challenging projects, skill set match, job profile etc.

What I am trying to say here is — you think about the whole situation and management a lot more and in the process (of talking to everyone and over analysing it) you are forming learning patterns, patterns of what is not working for you and hence what is a strict no -no when it comes to being a boss.

Five things I would dedicate completely to “Work in Progress” Managers or let’s just say my what “not to do” list -

Managers need to do exactly reverse of this

In case of things go great, credit goes to the team and for and the things that don’t go right, credit goes to you.

Remember the promises you make, if you can’ t remember -write it down , if you can’t write them, don’t make them.

If life throws lemons at you, don’t be sad, make lemonade out of it instead!



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