If only your life could be as cool as your Instagram Page!

Whirlpool of Emotional Drama!

  1. Blind Spot
  2. YOLO (You Live Only Once)
  3. FOMO ( Fear of Missing out)

1. Blind Spot

2. You live only Once (YOLO)


If only their instagram handle could actually tell you the whole story!

Anchoring yourself in this Whirlpool…!

Cutting off social media completely is the worse than being addicted to it,

  1. Set your priorities, understand yourself, know your reasons to be active on each platform, and use it accordingly.
  2. Having a personal connect with your friends rather than just through social media. Simple things like talking to them on a personal chat than through comments on posts. This will make you feel less disconnected or superficial.
  3. Know what platform to use for what purpose. Like avoid using your feed as a source for your daily awareness or as a learning platform, rather use it for daily dose of entertainment and feeding your hobby skills.
  4. Have a time limit set on your usage, know when to stop. The time at hand can always be used in a better way, you decide the limits.
  5. Sometimes it is best to surf in incognito mode like for youtube. You will get to explore whats trending and depending on what you search, rather than just based on your watch history.
  6. Using a knowledge format that has a lowest distraction (often called noise) from unwanted information. Like e-books, audibles, ted talks, short online courses to better use your time and efforts and make it productive.



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